WoodMine Doors Limited Warranty

All WoodMine doors are warranted for one year from the date of shipment to be of good material and workmanship, and to be free from defects at the time of shipment that would render them unfit for the purpose for which each door is recommended.

Should the warranted door be found to contain defects as stated above, WoodMine will at its option, either (1) repair any door without charge, or (2) replace any door without charge in the stage of fitting and/or finishing as it was originally supplied, or (3) refund the price received for the door.

In the event of a defect reasonably discovered by inspection of a door upon receipt of shipment from WoodMine written notice must be given within 30 days thereafter and before the door is hung or treated in any manner. If the replacement option is used, the door will be reshipped pre-paid to the distributor of origin.

Under the terms of this warranty, WoodMine will replace the defective door. However, NO LABOR, INSTALLATION, FINISHING AND/OR CONSEQUENTIAL DAMAGES WILL BE COVERED.

Any credit due for defective product will not be processed and issued unless it’s previously approved in writing and until the defective item has been returned to WoodMine.


  • True Planked doors for bow or warpage
  • Warpage for any door over 8 feet in height and 4 feet in width
  • Any special custom product manufactured according to the customer's specifications
  • Performance or appearance of our finish, or a field-applied finish
  • Variations in the color or texture of the wood, as well as knots in the wood
  • Damage caused by others, or by any cause outside the control of WoodMine, including but not limited to damage caused by misuse, abuse, accident, mishandling, or by fire, flood, earthquake, storm, or other acts of nature
  • "Misuse" of a door includes, but is not limited to, using a door on part of a building without providing adequate overhang or an appropriate finish color. Adequate overhang depends on the typical weather conditions of the area where the door is to be used, but at the very minimum means an overhang projecting a distance from the structure equal to one half the distance between the bottom of the door and the bottom of the overhang at the point which is farthest from the door.
  • Excessive trimming of a door: more than _" from the top or more than 1 _" from the bottom
  • Failure to perform normal homeowner's maintenance, including maintaining the finish
  • Product failure due to improper installation
  • Attempts to repair WoodMine doors or other products without prior written authorization
  • Surface checks less than 1/32" in width
  • Panel shrinkage and misalignment, which leaves an unstained line along the edge of the panel. This is caused by differences in temperature and humidity, and is not a defect.
  • Slight expansion and contraction of the door due to changes in temperature and humidity are not defects.
  • Water infiltration
  • Wood sills
  • Doors not sealed on all six surfaces
  • Warpage not exceeding one-fourth inch (1/4") in the plane of the door.
  • Warranty is null and void if deterioration occurs due to the failure to protect and seal all exposed surfaces and edges of the door either prior to or immediately after hanging.
  • Damages caused by failure to annually re-finish all doors, sidelites and frames, if necessary, by lightly sanding and re-coating with clear exterior grade top coat, or oil that contains a UV protection.
  • Bow or nonalignment in the frame or jamb in which the door is hung.
  • Variations or unsatisfactory results in gloss levels, texture or appearance resulting from the field application of paint or other finishing material.
  • Natural variations in color, texture of surface and checking of wood are not considered defects.
  • Insulated glass is only warranted against fogging.
  • Due to the excessive heat build-up, any exterior door used with an unvented glass storm door will not be warranted.
  • Doors painted Black (or any Dark Color) with any sun exposure, will not be warranted.